Being a resident of Nebraska, I have concentrated on landscape and architectural subjects within the state. The landscape, in particular, is more diverse than even long-time Nebraska residents realize. While there are no towering mountain ranges, or picturesque coastlines, there is still much to appreciate. Capturing the beauty and uniqueness of Nebraska is both challenging and rewarding.


Many photographers have influenced me at one time, or another.  Foremost among them would be the 19th century photographers Carleton Watkins, Timothy O’Sullivan, and W. H. Jackson. Others include such early 20th century photographers as, Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, and Paul Strand,  as well as more contemporary photographers such as Minor White, Brett Weston, William Clift, Linda Connor, & Stephen Shore.


A photograph captures a subject at a particular moment in time, and allows the viewer to examine that particular version of the subject for as long as desired.  Photographs are a way to preserve images and rekindle memories of experiences that each of us have had.  My images represent something that captured my interest at the time.  It may have been the subject matter, form, lighting, atmosphere, or any number of reasons.  The  photographs are windows through which the viewer can see what I saw at a given moment, experience something of what I experienced at the time, recall a similar experience that they have had, or, perhaps, discover something new.


My recent work involves generating unique perspectives on common natural and man-made subjects.


I have been teaching photography at Doane University, in Crete, Nebraska, since 2001.  My photography studio is located in the Burkholder Project in the historic Haymarket District in Lincoln, Nebraska, and I am also a member of the Artists’ Cooperative Gallery in the Old Market District in Omaha.



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